Wednesday, April 15

Flame Leviathan Down!!

Surprisingly, for a guild who has lately had trouble getting 25 people together for raids (let alone be lucky enough to make a good composition out of those 25), we (slowly) jumped right into heroic Ulduar last night. Our server is EST, and the server didn't come up till about 7 or 8 server time, which is when we are supposed to be pulling our first mob. So, with everyone respeccing, changing glyphs and the like, we obviously had to start a little late.

Not only that, but despite our GM and most of our officers saying for the past few days that we would be going straight to 25man Ulduar, there were still people in Vault groups and even starting their own 10man Ulduar groups. It was a big mess.

When we got everyone together and got our vehicles, it didn't go all that bad considering the problems we had with people getting used to Stage 3 on Malygos before. We demolished towers, and then someone pulled Leviathan before we had destroyed them all. With 2 towers up, all the adds that came with him, and half the raid being locked out of the fight, it was a total disaster. XD 2nd pull was much better after we downed the towers. 3rd time was a charm for us though. As you can see, half the raid died, including me, but me and my driver would have lived if I hadn't blown the shield cooldown on our tank vehicle b/c we were getting rammed without being his target, so it was on CD when we actually were his target. Overcharged Fuel Rod dropped, which was a minor upgrade, but since I just got Surplus Limb not too many weeks ago and it was BIS before Ulduar, I didn't mind it going to someone else.

It's a good thing we downed him too. We all joked how it was going to be sad if didn't down the Leviathan in Ulduar. Haha.

We went to Razorscale, but we didn't really have the healers for a successful try. The officers have decided that we will be doing 10man to get used to the fights before we attempt 25 again. Wish us luck! :)

In other news, I'm pretty excited about the Argent Tournament and new quest tracking stuff. I got Argent Aspiration, mastered the jousting attacks and won a duel to get Tilted!, and started on my questline to represent what will probably be Darnassus. Hooray for new dailys! Got the Jeweled Fishing Pole from my first fishing daily. So... despite the drama with the Ulduar group, it was a pretty good patch day. ^_^v

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