Friday, March 27

Get to da Choppa!!

Yes, ppl!! I finally got my Chopper!! I've been saving money for a while, but between all the mounts I bought for myself and buying epic flying for my DK, it took a little longer than I would have liked. Hethertic, my DK friend in the sidecar pitched in the last few hundred I needed and helped me get the titansteel and made it for me a few days ago! I've been riding it around everywhere except for when I'm pvp'ing. Hard to get out of the thing to hit someone or heal yourself. I'll be glad when they're just regular mounts instead of vehicles. I think I heard something about that in 3.1.

In other news, turns out there will be no merger for our guild, but lately we've been recruiting more people, so maybe raid attendance will perk up. We STILL haven't done Maly or OS this week b/c we can't get people to show up for anything but Naxx. -_-

In other achievement news, we finally got past the Twin Emperors in AQ40 and downed C'Thun!! As you can see, I died, and early too. It was my first time fighting him, so I was just focused on killing the tentacles and completely forgot about his circling death ray. Hit me head on and all I could do was ping the map when I saw tentacles from my dead body. :( Oh well... still got the achievement!! It was a random pug group too, so I didn't get another Battle Tank mount. T_T Some warlock who went with us got EVERY color, including the rare red one. Grrr.

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