Monday, March 16

Tales of Old

Today, all we did was old skool raids. It started with BT, but we got stuck on Bloodboil and the Reliquary of Souls b/c we only had 10 people, 2 of which were heals and one of them had just hit 80. Ha ha. Then we hit up Kara, did the mount bosses in ZG, and then did AQ20 and 40. But we got stuck on the Twin Emperors in 40 and called it a night. Some of us did our daily Heroic MGT run to farm for the mount and pet, but the whole day came up dry for us. I did get a lot of rep though, and a few raid achievements I hadn't picked up yet. :)

Oh, and as you can see above, I got a Blue Qiraji Battle Tank!! WOOT! Another one towards Mountain o' Mounts.

Here's the shots:

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