Wednesday, March 18

New Achievements!!

One achievement I was actually really excited about is the heroic scion one from Malygos. I like going up on the little disks, but because I'm ranged and usually solo one or two from the ground anyways, I pass on it so things can go faster. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my guild is melee heavy, so having one of them on the ground so I can go up isn't exactly ideal. But... (un?)fortunately our guild was kind of slacking on Maly last night (maybe they were bummed that we didn't start out the week with Naxx as usual?), and a lot of people kept dropping fast in phase 2. A disk was down, and it was probably a wipe since we either wouldn't have enough dps for phase 3 or wouldn't beat the enrage timer. Either way, I saw the opportunity and got my achievement!

In other news, the Surplus Limb finally dropped of Patches again, and even though I already had Accursed Spine and some of the casters were still wearing the badge offhand, the loot council graciously gave it to me. I guess having no life so I can be online all the time pays off occasionally. XD

I'm also continuing to do old skool heroics for Outland Dungeon Hero.

And I'm starting to level a Paladin. One of my guild mates told me about this great little addon that works with QuestHelper called TourGuide, and it's made leveling SO much faster. :)

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