Sunday, March 15

PVP'in it Up

We still have noone-shows-up-itis in my guild, so even the BT and Sunwell runs are falling through because we don't even have enough people on to do those. Well... those of us who are usually on always manage to do something. Last night it was PVP. For whatever reason, my guildies like WSG and AB like crack, so we usually just do those. One particular AB was going well for us, and my guildies agreed to let me cap some flags. I thought I might as well work on the assaulting and defending achievements. After I had done one of each, I thought I might as well try for All Star. And then when I managed that... I thought I maybe could get Overly Agressive and Defensive if things went my way. And they did!! 3 achievements not only in one night, but in one BG. WOOT!

This post is sort of late b/c I've been busy with my computer updates. The screens above were taken while I was on my new setup with my new awesome video card and improved processor/ram. FPS isn't an issue anymore. And today we went and got me a new monitor for it too. Setup looks nice now. From now on, the screens will be in widescreen. :)

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