Friday, March 13

PTR Build 9684 and More Achievements

Tier 8 for druids already looks god awful (okay... I partially take that back since they released the robe versions that don't look AS bad), but I'm in Boomkin form most of the time, so I care more about the stats and bonuses on it. Well MMO-Champion released the new build which includes the Druid's set bonuses:

  • Item - Druid T8 Balance 2P Bonus -- Increases the bonus granted by Eclipse for Starfire and Wrath by 6%.
  • Item - Druid T8 Balance 4P Bonus -- Each time your Insect Swarm deals damage, you have a chance to make your next Starfire cast within until cancelled instant.

2P bonus isn't that exciting, but I thought it was expected since Blizz is trying to change eclipse to make it more versatile part of the rotation. I about flipped out when I saw the 4P bonus though. If the proc is high enough, and the cooldown in low enough, that would be a pretty cool bonus. The wording is a little unclear, but it sounds to me like our IS tick (which they're also trying to buff and make a more essential part of the rotation) gives us a chance for an instant SF. WOOT! In a vaccuum, this sounds awesome, so I waited to see what the Boomkin community said about this from a theorycrafting POV.

Graylo delivers every time. Seems like that overall when you consider the numbers from our T7 set bonuses as well as the new PTR changes, it's actually a nerf. The good thing about PTR is that it's always subject to change. So you can get super excited about buffs and hope they stick around and not get too discouraged about nerfs since they can always be adjusted to be buffs instead. As he said in the post, Graylo is talking to Blizzard about the numbers and hopefully this will result in a change. :)

Now... on a more personal note.....


This was actually a joint run with Fist of the Forgotten, a guild our Officers are considering merging with. Lately, even though we have about 40 lvl 80 players, we've had problems with attendence for raids other than on Tuesday for Naxx 25. Discussion has been going on to change up the raid schedule to try to fix this, and now they're considering the merger. Despite some drama (two players, a bf/gf, team left the raid and gquit after about the 2nd attempt), the run was surprisingly as smooth as could be. Fist is good people. I've pug'd Naxx10 with them before, and even though our dps was lacking that run, they still know what they're doing. Sometimes you can't help what gear you have, ya know? Anyways... no SP really dropped, but it was still progression. So, AWESOME!! Grats to us, even though it was a joint run and some of our regular raiders didn't get to come. We're still recruiting, so we might not have to merge after all. We'll see.

B/c of the lack of people for raids, some of us are getting together and getting Outland Dungeon Hero and farming Heroic MGT for the mount and pet. We were gonna do Heroic Tempest Keep stuff last night, but me and the DK that came with us didn't have the key b/c we were short on rep. D'oh! So we 2 man'd the regular one to get some rep. Here's the shots.

As you can see, I'm back to using Spartan UI. The beta version is a lot more friendly with frames, so YAY~!!

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