Wednesday, March 11

Achievements, HO!

One thing you'll probably pick up about me pretty quick is that I'm such an achievement whore. I do all the solo ones I can, and I've been lucky enough to discover that a mage that just joined the guild (that I knew from the days of 25 Naxx with Implicit) is going to start scheduling old skool raids. So not only will I get the achievements I need for Vanilla Wow Raiding, but I'll also get some rep achievements. :) Woots. Since he's a tailor and I'm a LWer, we've teamed up to try to get enough Onyxia cloaks for BWL raids. Anyways... since I can't seem to create a section just for my achievements, here's some I've gotten since I installed the addon that takes a snap every time I get one. =D


See what I mean about old skool raids? I was actually really tired from having stayed up too long and hopped on to see if we were doing Sarth2D as we scheduled, but there weren't enough people. I was just in time for a BT run though. My first time in there too, but I wasn't the only one. It took us a few times to figure out how to get through stage 2 without wiping, but we got it.


My DK hits 80!! Now I'll have a slightly lower chance to be ganked (Dalv is a PVP server, btw) while farming ore and leather for my druid.


One of the few PVP achievements I've managed to get. I'm usually never in a party or raid when Horde attack our cities, so I have to get the kills myself. Ironforge is the best place for this because you can nearly take someone down before they know they've been hit, and it's easy to LOS anyone who comes at you.

Armory has a full account of my achievements to date.

A note about addons - I love addons, and my UI changes a lot from time to time. Even in the last few days you can see how I've played around with it. After I got City Defender, there was nothing else to do but mess with my UI, so I tried out Spartan UI. I figured out how to use it with Xperl, since I still can't live without that one, but I couldn't get rid of the little black square you can see in the top left corner. I'm guessing it had something to do with the map settings after I took the frames off since achievement and quest tracking has shifted to that corner as well. Well... it got annoying and now I'm back to what you see in the Epic achievement picture in my last post. I really miss Spartan, but they promise to make the frames more friendly in the next update, so I'll probably start using it again once that is released.

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